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Based in the heart of Liverpool, our independent recording studio is the ideal environment to create professional audio and visual media.

All of our sessions include an extra half an hour to have a cup of tea, chat, and settle in before the session starts! A £50 deposit is required for all studio bookings and is deducted from your total session cost. Deposits are completely refundable if sessions are cancelled with at least 3 days notice.

Our studio is acoustically treated with a spacious live room, a dedicated podcast room, and a separate mix room to relax in.

Our recording system is based around a 32 channel Allen & Heath analogue mixerand Steinberg Class A preamps, capable of recording 24 tracks simultaneously.

We use both new and vintage microphonesfrom Neumann, Shure, Audix, Sennheiser, Beyer Dynamic, and Oktava, with outboard gearfrom Lexicon, Alesis, and ART, including a vintage 1979 WEM Copicat tape delay.

We also have a wide range of instruments and equipment available to use during our sessions, including our 1960s Beverley drum kit, with Zildjian K hi-hats, K custom crash and 21” A ride cymbal. Our large selection of guitarsare from Fender, Gretcsh, and Danelectro, along with effect pedalsfrom Electro-Harmonix, Strymon, Boss, ZVEX, Keeley Electronics, Fulltone, Proco and many more. We also have a selection of vintage amplifiersincluding a 1976 Fender Twin Reverb, 1979s Fender Bassman, 1970s Carlsbro Top, 1976 Roland Jazz Chorus and a 1960s WEM Clubman.

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Studio giftcards 🎁

We offer physical giftcards for half and full studio days—the perfect way to encourage someone to record for the first time, or to kickstart their next project.

Our premium quality giftcards can be collected or posted to you and include a limited edition art card, ice gold gift receipt, and an unsealed golden envelope for you to add your own message.

Person working on audio & video editing on Davinci Resolve