We've spent the past 10 years creating professional audio and video for a diverse range of artists and businesses.

We record and edit music, podcasts, films, and more. We're here to help all creators everywhere—get in touch!

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Across the universe

No matter who or where you are, we can help elevate your production to the next level.

We have extensive experience working remotely on a wide range of short and long-form media. If you'd like a quote, send us an email about your project and we'll get back to you the same day!

Adobe Suite · Final Cut Pro X · DaVinci Resolve
Cubase Pro · Logic Pro X · Pro Tools

Audio Mixing

Audio Mixing

Social Content

Social Media

Video Editing

Video Editing

Material Studios Liverpool ✌️

Based in the heart of Liverpool, we provide a comfortable environment to create professional audio and visual media.

We use both new and vintage microphones from Neumann, Shure, and Oktava, Steinberg Class A preamps, and a range of full frame Canon and Sony cameras with Zeiss lenses capable of up to 4K 60fps. We also have a wide range of instruments and equipment available to use during our sessions, including our 1960s Beverley drum kit, Fender, Gretcsh, and Danelectro guitars, as well as vintage amplifiers and effect pedals.

ADR & Voice

ADR & Vocals

Green Screen


Music & Sound

Music & Sound

Music 🎵

We record, mix, and master music for a diverse range of artsits across all genres.

Being musicians ourselves, we feel like we understand artists at a deep level, and love nothing more than creating quality and memorable music with our artists. We also create backing tracks, perform foley, and design sound for businesses.

Listen to songs recorded at Material Studios on Spotify

Podcasts 🎧

We can help you create and grow your podcast with branding, recording, and animated social media clips.

Our podcast room is a relaxing and sound treated environment with studio lighting, Canon cameras and SM7B microphones. You can also take away lossless quality files the same day if you'd prefer to edit yourself.

Attractive female recording a filmed podcast with Shure SM7B microphone

Filming 🎬

Capture a unique studio performance with our filmed, multi-tracked recording sessions.

We film everything from live music videos to green screened interviews. Get in touch to find out more.

Visit our studio ✨

All of our sessions include an extra half an hour to have a cup of tea, chat, and settle in before the session starts. We know recording can be a stressful time, so try to relax!

A £50 deposit is required for all studio bookings and is deducted from your total session cost. Deposits are completely refundable if sessions are cancelled with at least 3 days notice.

Sepcial Offers 👀

In celebration of Liverpool hosting Eurovision for Ukraine, we're currently offering special recording packages.

Come to our studio, record, and take home your very own mixed CD on the same day. Family and friends welcome!

Lead singer of Kagoule singing and playing bass with glasses

Studio giftcards 🎁

We offer physical giftcards for half and full studio days—the perfect way to encourage someone to record for the first time, or to kickstart their next project.

Our premium quality giftcards can be collected or posted to you and include a limited edition art card, ice gold gift receipt, and an unsealed golden envelope for you to add your own message.

Person working on audio & video editing on Davinci Resolve